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Considerations and Cautions for Alternative Medicine in ESRD -Vishal Bagchi

Sep 11, 20182:00pm CDT1 hour
Do patients watching too much Dr. Oz have you working overtime to find useful and reliable information regarding herbs and natural supplements? Learn how to sift through all of the claims and get to the scientific evidence! Participants will be able to:
• Recognize the risks and benefits of common herbs, vitamins and minerals and their relation to kidney disease.
• Recognize the role of dietitian in discussing alternative medicine in Chronic Kidney Disease

*This webinar is scientific, non-promotional, and based on research evidence available during the time of the lecture.

1.0 RD CEU [Open for any clinicians to attend]
*AND-CDR Approved Presentation

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Patient Care America is a healthcare service organization comprised of dedicated professionals committed to the highest quality patient care to achieve optimal therapeutic outcomes.

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