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Ethics in Nutrition and Chronic Kidney Disease - Vishal Bagchi MBA, RD,LD

Mar 13, 20182:00pm CDT1 hour
After this 1-hour webinar, participants will be able to:
*Become familiar with the Scope of Practice for renal dietitians
*Be able to define common terms related to medical ethics
*Be able to recognize ethical dilemmas and gain the knowledge to deal with them appropriately

1.0 RD CEU [Open for any clinicians to attend]
Participants must view the webinar on a computer with speakers.

This webinar is scientific, non-promotional, and based on research evidence available during the time of the lecture.

Meeting Sponsor:
Patient Care America is he nation's premier provider of renal nutrition support therapies: NutriRite Intradialytic Parenteral Nutrition (IDPN) and NutriRite Home Intraperitoneal Nutrition (IPN).

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